I aspire to create designs that are not only aesthetic and functional, but also improve the lives of people around the world.

Hey! My name is Sean –
I'm a digital designer based in Los Angeles, CA.
I have an unhealthy obsession with anything & everything design.
Left vs. Right Brain
Since 2011, I've worked across multiple industries and disciplines from brand development, digital experiences, campaign design, and beyond. My experience helps me approach many unique ideas with a holistic outlook, and I believe in order for brands to successfully resonate with their audience, their experiences need to be unforgettable and resilient.

My mission is to create meaningful connections between brand and audience, combining design narrative and strategic vision, promoting an artistic attitude.
A principle-influenced
creative process
Each idea throughout the process is led by defined principles. They function as waypoints to inform choices made from start to finish, enabling success at each step of the way.


Establishing a clear sense of purpose lays the groundwork for the forthcoming project. I learn as much as possible about you, your goals, and how we plan to achieve them.
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